Active Transportation (Bike/Pedestrian)

Why Active Transportation?

"Active Transportation" refers to any human-powered transportation, such as walking, bicycling, or using a wheelchair.  Ensuring that safe and convenient opportunities exist for these forms of travel helps expand access to transportation networks for people without cars, and even helps people using cars or transit reach their destinations safely.  Providing safe transportation facilities for everyone ensures equal access to mobility and grows healthy communities.

Bike Rodeos at Village Elementary

Latest News

After extensive research, development, and community input, the Draft Active Transportation Plan is now posted for community review and comment. The Active Transportation Plan is a strategic document which includes a Pedestrian Master Plan, a Safe Routes to School Plan, and a Bicycle Master Plan. In the Plan, infrastructure projects and education, encouragement, and monitoring programs are recommended for further development over the upcoming years at Council's discretion.

The Draft Active Transportation Plan will be reviewed by City Council at the Tuesday, June 19 City Council meeting. You may review the Plan at the link below and submit comments or questions to Allie Scrivener, or (619) 522-2423.

Draft Active Transportation Plan


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