Cultural Arts Commission

Cultural Arts Commission

The Coronado Cultural Arts Commission was established by the City Council on September 26, 2011. It is a seven-member commission charged with providing recommendations and taking action to foster the development and enjoyment of performing, visual, cultural, and other arts in Coronado.

The Commission shall
  • Recognize and encourage groups and organizations that enrich Coronado life by bringing cultural and artistic works of art and providing access to a variety of performing arts offering a diverse mix of events;
  • Recommend to the City Council policies and practices to develop and promote the arts:
  • Advocate for nonprofit and private arts groups operating in and for the benefit of the citizens of Coronado;
  • Encourage educational art experiences for children and citizens;
  • Acquisition and exhibition of quality works of art; and
  • Submit an annual report to the City Council on the state of the arts in Coronado and the activities and plans of the Coronado Cultural Arts Commission.

Regular meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 4:30 in the City Council Chambers, 1825 Strand Way.


Chair Helen Kupka
Vice Chair Brad Willis
Sherril Altstadt
Mariah Gillespie
Bill Lowman
Maryellen McMahon
Lei Udell

Senior Management Analyst Kelly Purvis supports the work of the Cultural Arts Commission.
Contact her at (619) 522-2633 or

Member Appointed Re-Appointed Term Expires Eligible for Re-Appointment
Chair Helen Kupka 05-07-19
12-31-20 Yes
Vice Chair Brad Willis 12-17-19
12-31-22 Yes
Sherril Altstadt 04-05-16  12-05-17 12-31-20 Yes
Mariah Gillespie 10-17-17 10-1-19  12-31-22 Yes
Bill Lowman 06-07-16 10-16-18 12-31-21 Yes
Maryellen McMahon 02-21-17 10-16-18 12-31-21 Yes
Lei Udell 07-18-17  12-05-17 12-31-20 Yes
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