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Social media is an important tool for informing and engaging citizens. This social media page lists the platforms currently in use by the City of Coronado, and how they are generally used. For information about the City's guidelines for social media use, please refer to the City of Coronado’s Social Media Policy.



Facebook is a social media platform that the City uses to connect and share information with the public. This platform is one of the City’s top social media platforms as it is an effective tool to get a good deal of news or information out to the community about upcoming events, planned special events or events that have occurred, and as a place to post regular features. The City shares articles about Coronado and City-issued press releases. The City will interact with the public when necessary. Posts are made daily, with most referring users to the City’s website, where more details can be found. 



Twitter is a social networking site that allows users to send and read short messages called tweets. It is another way for the City to engage with the community. All of the City’s Facebook posts and Coronado Police Department Nixle notifications are automatically posted to Twitter. Questions are answered, and complaints or concerns addressed when necessary. Tweets are made daily. Some posts are original to Twitter, for example, tweets from live City Council meetings or special events. Many posts refer users to the City’s website.



Nixle is a communication system that connects residents with the City’s Police Department. Residents can sign up to receive Nixle alerts by text, email or by mobile app. Nixle is used only for time-sensitive or emergent information with City-wide impact. The City uses Nixle judiciously so as not to lose the service’s effectiveness. The Police Department staff who issue Nixle messages are typically dispatchers who also staff emergency phone lines. Any updates or follow-ups to any Nixle alerts are done using Nixle.



YouTube is a video-sharing website that allows the City to upload and share City-produced videos, the majority of which are the City Manager’s Weekly Update. The City also shares public service announcements and videos of special City events. The City responds to questions and concerns on the website.



Instagram is a photo and video sharing social networking platforms that the City uses to share photos and videos. The audience is much younger for Instagram than for Facebook and Twitter. The platform is not in wide use by the City Manager’s Office.

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